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About Vortec

"Ross and the team at Vortec Marine look after our Oyster 56 which we cruise for 4 or 5 months of the year and winter in the Mediterranean while we are on the other side of the world. Vortec provides a high quality service that is efficient, experienced, intelligently directed and cost effective. It allows us to have our boat managed professionally without the need for an on-board crew. This gives my wife and me the best of both worlds - freedom when we cruise by ourselves or with family and friends, but full support for maintenance and when we need technical or management services. Vortec's level of commitment always impresses, irrespective of where we are in the Med."

Allan Fraser 'Skylark'

About Vortec

Vortec Marine Ltd was founded in August 2006 by Ross Collingwood.

The company comprises of Vortec Marine Training and Vortec Marine Ltd.

Vortec Marine Ltd.

Vortec Marine Ltd is a widely respected, authorised yacht service and repair centre for Oyster and Swan Yachts.

Providing yacht owners with peace of mind, Vortec Marine staff will fly to any location in Europe to undertake maintenance, from engine servicing to boat repairs or rig checks. Not only does this save yacht owners the stress of finding trustworthy service agents in each new port, but it ensures that an Oyster maintenance log is kept up to date and validates the Oyster Warranty.

Vortec Marine Ltd records all checks and maintenance work undertaken on a vessel in a database, providing the vessel with a full Professional Service History. With a car, a full service history increases re-sale value, yachts are considerably more expensive and complex and it makes sense that your yacht should have a full service history to maintain its value as well as for safety reasons.  

Vortec offer comprehensive yacht services from a dedicated service bay at Endeavour Quay, Portsmouth. 

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Vortec Marine Training

With a dedicated, modern classroom in Port Solent, Portsmouth, Vortec Marine provides a high level of sailing training, focusing primarily on sailing courses and qualifications suitable for yacht owners or sailing professionals following RYA, ISAF and MCA guideline. 

In addition, Vortec offer bespoke safety training courses, own boat tuition and a unique fire-fighting experience in the site fire simulator, designed for recreational sailors facing an engine fire (as opposed to a commercial incident).

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